Professional treatment in every aspect! Dr. Pavlickova is an expert in her field having a medical background that a lot of so called cosmetic/esthetic ‘clinics’ lack and to which I definitely wouldn’t trust with my face/body to save a few bucks. She offers evidence based and modern treatments not only for women but also men but takes a very personal approach, so I recommend to do what I did – go for a consultation and decide together for the best solution for your issue.
I did chemical peeling because of some skin impurities and some fillers to get rid of eye rings and to highlight the jaw, which looks very natural, wasn’t very painful and was without haematomas. She also gave me a lot of advice about what methods and products are important, worth the cost and evidence based, which I found especially helpful, since it can sometimes be difficult to orientate in the sea of products and she doesn’t push a specific brand because of commissions like most of the cosmetic retailers.
It’s definitely not the last time I visit this clinic and can only recommend!

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