Comprehensive hair examination

The hair and trichology clinic at Elizabeth Beauty Clinic is a specialist skin clinic, dealing with complex issues of hair and scalp diseases including body hair. Within this clinic we are able to diagnose and treat excessive hair loss. Excessive hair loss (effluvium) can lead to alopecia (baldness) and it is early detection that will help stop or at least put the brakes on this process.

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Vlasová poradna, trichologie Praha

Trichological examination and treatment of alopecia

Na klinice Elizabeth Beauty Clinic v Praze poskytujeme tyto služby v oblasti trichologie:

  • trichological examination
  • hair diagnosis by digital trichoscopy
  • spectral analysis of cell metabolism
  • specialised genetic testing for the treatment of hair loss
  • hair mesotherapy
  • blood plasma therapy
  • treatment of alopecia (alopecia in women and men)


Excessive hair loss (effluvium) can lead to alopecia (baldness) and early detection will help to stop or at least slow down this process.

Modern technology for healthy hair growth

We use state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosis, which we are the only ones in the Czech Republic to offer. With the help of a special analytical diagnosis by digital trichoscopy, which is verified by a second independent opinion, we are able to very accurately determine the diagnosis and type of hair fall, measure hair density, hair growth phase, etc. If the conclusion is unclear, it is possible to use biopsy and then use histopathological examination to pinpoint the origin of the disease.


  • androgenetic alopecia
  • alopecia areata
  • trichotillomania
  • seborrheic dermatitis
  • psoriasis
  • tinea capitis
  • telogen effluvium and stress hair loss
  • anagen effluvium
  • genetically determined hair dystrophies
  • scarring alopecia
  • loss of hair elsewhere on the body


Accurate analysis of the condition will help to accurately set a comprehensive approach to solving the problem of hair loss

Precise analysis of your hair

Blood tests are also a matter of course. Furthermore, we are the only clinic to offer  a spectral analysis of cell metabolism, where we are able to detect abnormal processes within cells that can lead to hair loss – these are mainly deficiencies of certain vitamins, minerals, hormone imbalances, excess heavy metals, etc. This unique examination is completely non-invasive and very fast. Last but not least, we offer specialized genetic testing focused on the causes and treatment of hair loss. This examination, which is based on your own genetic analysis, is very suitable for chronic hair loss. The results are valid for life and can be returned to at any time with success.


Comprehensive hair treatment

In the treatment of some dermatitis we use standard dermatological procedures. In the case of effluvium (hair loss), we successfully use  hair mesotherapy or the application of our own  blood derivatives.

Hair loss treatment at our clinic is always complex and requires several different approaches to achieve hair regrowth. At the same time, patient patience and patient cooperation is required, given that treatment can last from several weeks to several months, sometimes even years.

Elizabeth Pavlíčková, M.D.,Phd.,  is the head of the clinic and hair clinic, she is also an experienced trichologist and lecturer in the field. She has many years of experience within the University Hospital of FNKV (Healthy Hair Center) and international clinics where she has worked on hair issues. She is constantly interested in new trends in the field and can boast of a large number of cured patients.


MUDr. Elizabeth Adenubiová Pavlíčková, PhD.

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