Vitamin infusions

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements…. already know from school how important they are for our organism. Many of them are found in the normal diet. However, in certain situations, the consumption of vitamins and minerals is higher, and it is then advisable to supplement their levels. Vitamin infusions are a very effective form of intravenous administration of substances into the body. Within 45 minutes, you will be pumping in valuable antioxidants. Want to know what these antioxidants are good for and how exactly they work? Then read on.

What antioxidants are for

The basic group of substances that neutralize pro-oxidant products (including ROS) are antioxidants. Some antioxidants need to be supplied to the human body because it cannot make them, while others are produced by the cells themselves under physiological circumstances (for example, the enzymes catalase and superoxide dismutase). Under normal circumstances, there is a balance between pro-oxidative and antioxidative substances in the cell. However, if pro-oxidative substances are in excess in the cells and are not quickly neutralised, oxidative stress is generated, which can pose a significant threat to the cell, disrupting its DNA and leading to various diseases. In such cases, a sufficient supply of antioxidants is important.

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At Elizabeth Beauty Clinic, we administer vitamin infusions with substances that are powerful antioxidants:

  • strengthen our immune system and promote overall health
  • fight fatigue and stress
  • are essential for the proper functioning of the metabolism
  • have a positive effect on wound healing
  • they promote collagen production and thus improve skin condition, strengthen hair and nails
  • have a positive effect on our energy and mood

The infusion also contains another indispensable substance, which not only acts as an antioxidant, but also inactivates exogenous harmful substances and has a number of irreplaceable beneficial roles in the cell.

Strengthening immunity

Suitable for:

  • increasing the body’s defences
  • prevention of colds, flu
  • strengthening one’s own immunity

Vitamin substances, when administered into the vein in high doses, have antioxidant effects that contribute to the protection of healthy cells. In addition, their anti-cancer effect has been demonstrated. The infusion contains the main intracellular antioxidant, referred to as the “master antioxidant”, a substance crucial for the antioxidant protection of the cell, which also contributes to the maintenance of acid-base balance, to the protection of the body against acidification, and also interferes in a number of other cellular processes.
We recommend 4-5 infusions administered at weekly intervals.


Vitamin infusions are a very effective form of intravenous administration of substances into the body.

Regeneration after sports and illness

Suitable to serve:

  • after an illness
  • against fatigue and burnout syndrome
  • as a source of energy for athletes

Previous vitamin infusion supplemented with magnesium. Magnesium is one of the most important intracellular cations, 99% of magnesium in the body is localized in cells. It is a component of many important enzymes involved in more than 300 enzymatic reactions, especially those involved in energy metabolism, glycolysis and protein synthesis. It is important for the normal function of the nervous, muscular, cardiovascular and immune systems. Reduces neuromuscular and nerve irritability, slows neuromuscular transmission. Helps oxygen utilization during muscular exercise. 4-5 infusions administered at weekly intervals are recommended.


Stress reduction

Suitable for:

  • calming the body
  • improving memory and regeneration of the nervous system
  • muscle relaxation
  • for busy individuals and stressed individuals

The composition of this infusion contains the human body’s own (biogenic) substance, which is characterized by a neuroprotective effect – it has a positive effect on the structure and function of brain cells and thus contributes to the improvement of cognitive functions. We recommend 4-5 infusions administered at weekly intervals.


Suitable for:

  • comprehensive support of the organism
  • during higher mental or physical stress
  • for long-term stress – ideal for managers

The most comprehensive infusion for perfect support of the body during physical and especially mental stress.

We recommend 4 to 5 infusions administered at weekly intervals.


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Convenient 4+1 packages

When ordering 5 infusions, one is free

Type 1 infusion 4 + 1 infusions
To strengthen immunity Infusion to support immunity with antioxidants 1 250 CZK 5 000 CZK
For regeneration, after illness and for athletes Infusion against stress and overstrain 1 900 CZK 7 600 CZK
Against stress For managers 1 750 CZK 7 000 CZK
For managers and for comprehensive regeneration Against burnout and for athletes, for managers 1 750 CZK 7 000 CZK

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