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Stop aging and “stay young” is what everyone wants. The current trend of youth is conducive to this. Moreover, it is proven that young and good-looking people are more successful overall. But how do we do it to look fresh, young, rested and appear poised and likeable to those around us? A new aesthetic and laser medicine clinic, Elizabeth Beauty Clinic, has decided to go the holistic care route. Elizabeth Pavlíčková (Adenubiová), MD, PhD, the founder, director and chief physician of the clinic, told us how her concept combines health and beauty.

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Doctor, you’re a board-certified physician in dermatovenerology and trichology. Your main area of expertise is aesthetic medicine and anti-aging. What is most important to you in your work? What would you like to achieve with your clients?
For me, the most important thing is that the client leaves us satisfied with himself. We don’t do treatments for the sake of treatments, but for the client so that they feel as good as possible and like coming back to us. For this reason, I have decided to dedicate myself not only to beauty, but also to health.

Do you have a credo or philosophy?
Part of my philosophy is a sense of healthy self-confidence and satisfaction with myself, which is why I have a crown in my logo, because we make women queens and men kings.

How did you get into this business? When did the idea of becoming a doctor and specializing in aesthetic medicine come about?
In my last year of medical school, I already knew I wanted to focus on the largest organ of the body – the skin. So I was choosing between burns, plastic surgery and skin. The last option ended up being the most ideal because this field interferes with many other areas, plus I can pursue aesthetic medicine, which I find very fulfilling. Patients expect that when they go for wrinkle fillers, for example, they are going to a specialist “over the skin” and often need other issues addressed, which my specialty allows me to do.

What do you place the most emphasis on in your work? What is your goal?
Definitely on diligence, I always focus as much as possible on the patient and their problem (I hardly talk while working then). I always try to strike a balance between my wishes and realistic results, which can sometimes be a challenge.

Why did you decide to start your own clinic?
I have had this idea for a long time, it has always been a dream of mine. I have started several other clinics and have often witnessed when the management did not respect the wishes of the doctor, who was then forced to work with devices that he was not satisfied with at least. Another reason is that I want to address the patient as a whole, to address their other needs, which often extend into the psychosomatic realm. Skin and nerves and the resulting other diseases are closely related, and I finally have the opportunity to focus on all of this. Thus offering not only beauty, but also health and a sense of well-being.

How to make a person look good, fresh, rested?
Even if it sounds like a cliché, it is still true that the basis is a proper lifestyle, i.e. a healthy diet, enough sleep, as little stress as possible. However, there are many more factors that affect us, such as air pollution, UV radiation, smoking, etc. This set is called the exposome and plays a significant role in aging. Our goal is to highlight this and offer a rejuvenation cocktail that we create to suit each patient. Today, we are able to look inside the cells and tell how they are doing in terms of metabolism and oxidative capacity, and then based on that, individually determine what will help in preventing aging.

Which interventions form sort of the core of your daily practice?
Hyaluronic acid-based fillers and neurotoxins for wrinkle smoothing are still the most requested interventions. Then mesotherapy, which is the injection of nutrients into the skin with a thin needle, and then laser skin rejuvenation.

MUDr. Elizabeth Adenubiová Pavlíčková, PhD.
MUDr. Elizabeth Adenubiová Pavlíčková, PhD

What problems do clients contact you with most often?
We deal with acne and post-acne conditions quite often at this time. We are also now getting enquiries to our hair clinic where we deal with hair fall, which can have various causes. There are also enquiries for lip augmentation, which I like to do.

What would you recommend for a woman in her thirties who wants to look good but natural?
To focus on prevention, i.e. active skin rejuvenation with mesotherapy or bioremodelling. Often women come in and want to address specific wrinkles, which are sometimes deep – they want to remove those and then they don’t address further prevention so they don’t reappear. I think investing in yourself is always worthwhile.

What procedures are common for women in their 40s?
Here we most often deal with wrinkle smoothing with neurotoxin or fillers. We also focus on lifting sagging areas of the facial oval or neck.

Is it too late to start aesthetic dermatology at 50 or 60? What can a woman who comes to you for the first time after fifty and wants to improve her appearance count on?
It’s never too late to start taking care of yourself and wanting to look and feel good. That’s why even at fifty or sixty many rejuvenation methods can be done. Most often it is with lasers, sometimes with lifting threads. The changes are so gradual and require patience if such a woman does not want invasive solutions.

Do you have male patients? What do they most often come up with?
Men are also our clientele, about a quarter of them. They are most often concerned about wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, then hair loss and then too thick hair on the back, for example. Here we help with epilation lasers.

In addition to dermatology, you are an expert in trichology. Can you explain to the readers what exactly is involved and when a trichological examination is needed?
A trichologist is a specialist in the scalp and the diseases associated with it. Unlike a hairdresser, he or she deals with diseases affecting the hair follicle, hair loss, but also includes body hair. There are many diseases that can cause hair loss or body hair, and some processes can be irreversible. Our job is to detect and treat these diseases early. To do this we use digital analytical instruments, we are able to look “inside the cells” to detect deficiencies of vitamins or other elements, perform blood sampling or genetic testing for hair loss and then determine the most appropriate treatment based on all the tests. We are the only clinic in the Czech Republic that offers the widest possible range of treatments.

At your clinic you also help women and men to lose weight non-invasively. Reduce excess fat in areas where unsightly buns form. What exactly can liposuction with the help of your devices do?
Non-invasive liposuction based on radiofrequency with ultrasound is a very effective and permanent solution to remove fat pads. The most common areas are the abdomen, flanks, outer thighs and knees. In addition to removing fat, it also leads to firming of the skin and reduction of cellulite. However, the whole process is complex, so at the initial consultation we will examine the patient, measure their metabolism, help with diet and generally set up a lifestyle to achieve success.

How is non-invasive fat removal more beneficial than traditional liposuction?
By not intervening in any invasive way, the risks are almost negligible and the treatment is comfortable and painless. Patients return to work immediately, are not restricted in any way, and can even play sports that day.

Is there a special regimen to follow after non-invasive liposuction?
Everything takes place under the skin, where the fat is slowly broken down and gets out of the body through the lymphatic system. Therefore, you need to drink plenty of fluids and avoid alcohol. Of course, there is no point in going to a fast food restaurant right afterwards. It is also good to support the metabolism with dietary supplements that help with fat loss on a natural basis.

Not to forget, you also perform epilation – permanent hair removal in areas such as calves, underarms, face, groin and intimate areas. How does this work and how many sessions does a client need to schedule?
IPL hair removal targets the area where unwanted hair is growing and destroys the hair root or its blood vessel. After repeating (approximately 6 times), the hair no longer grows. The treatment is comfortable and almost painless. After a few months, the client enjoys smooth skin.

When is a good time for epilation?
The ideal time to start is in the autumn and continue through the winter months. In summer, due to sun exposure, the treatment is not recommended on areas exposed to the sun.

How should a client interested in improving his or her appearance proceed?
It is best to schedule a consultation where we will discuss the client’s individual concerns and determine a treatment plan based on those concerns. Part of the treatment plan includes adherence to a home regimen. Not only will the treatment do it all, but clients will receive detailed instructions on how to care for their skin or body at home.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers and give them long-term anti-aging tips, for example?
I would like to remind them not to forget to cleanse their skin properly. Unfortunately, more and more I see incorrect practices that result in irritations and acne. Also not to forget the neck and hands and to use creams with SPF all year round.

Thank you for the interview and we wish your clinic every success and above all healthy, beautiful and happy clients.


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