InShape Body Shaping

Do you spend every day in the gym and your “butt” still doesn’t have the right shape? Don’t have the time or patience to work out your abs or thighs every day? And yet you would like to get perfect curves, a nicely shaped and firm body? The solution is magnet therapy, which has a double effect: it promotes muscle growth and reduces subcutaneous and visceral fat.

How InShape works

The method is based on a new generation electromagnetic system and is designed for body shaping and firming. The device creates so-called super-electric pulses generated by an electromagnetic field on the muscle to induce forced muscle contractions. This is an involuntary response that is equivalent to an intense muscular exercise such as 20,000 squats or sit-ups. The treated muscles are remodeled and rehabilitated. Magnet therapy allows excellent effects to be achieved without pain, downtime or discomfort in a non-invasive way.

Mezoterapie Praha

Who is InShape for body shaping suitable for?

  • mothers after childbirth with abdominal muscle spacing, therapy regenerates damaged muscles
  • professional athletes to quickly sculpt muscles
  • active athletes as support training
  • people on a reduction diet to build abdominal muscles
  • for those who don’t feel like exercising
  • for men and women

The InShape treatment results in more toned and firmer abdominal, thigh and buttock muscles and a better aesthetic appearance.

Magnetotherapy with the InShape device – body shaping and fat reduction non-invasively, without pain and discomfort

Note: The weight of both women in the picture is the same, but the figure on the right has a greater proportion of muscle mass. By strengthening the muscles and getting an athletic figure, you will achieve firmer curves and a smaller overall dress size.


Would you like to have a firmer body and get rid of fat pads on your butt, stomach or thighs? Make an appointment!

InShape Magnetotherapy is suitable for both men and women – professional and active recreational athletes to strengthen muscles and support training.

It is also used, for example, by mothers after childbirth as part of the regeneration of the abdominal muscles, including the spacing of the abdominal muscles (diastasis). During a reduction diet, it serves as a support for weight loss and muscle strengthening.


Belly of a woman
A total of 6 InShape treatments for this woman resulted in abdominal muscle strengthening, fat reduction and improved skin elasticity:

formování břicha pomocí Inshape, před a po fotografie, po 6. ošetření a 3 týdnechArea: abdomen, result after 6 treatments and 3 weeks in total

Belly of a man
Thanks to Inshape, this man achieved abdominal muscle strengthening and reduction:

formování břicha u muže pomocí InShape - - výsledek po 5 sezeních a 3 týdnechArea: abdomen, result after 5 treatments and 3 weeks in total

In the buttock area, InShape can achieve substantial shaping, strengthening and firming of the muscles, improved skin elasticity and an overall better aesthetic appearance.

Rear view:

Formování zadečku pomocí InShape, pohled zezadu, výsledek po 3 týdnech a 6 ošetřeních

Side view:Formování zadečku pomocí InShape, pohled z profilu, výsledek po 3 týdnech a 6 ošetřeníchArea: buttocks, result after 6 treatments and 3 weeks

Even arms can be shaped and strengthened without exercise with InShape. The result is stronger and more powerful muscles.

InShape arms 1:

Posílení svalstva paží pomocí InShape, fotografie před ošetřením a výsledek po 6 sezeních a 3 ýdnech

Arms InShape 2:
Posílení svalstva paží pomocí InShape, fotografie před ošetřením a výsledek po 6 sezeních a 3 ýdnechArea: arm, result after 6 treatments and 3 weeks

InShape treatment results – clinical trials

Here you can see the results of InShape body shaping, which took place under clinical conditions over a period of 3 weeks, with clients undergoing a total of 5 to 6 InShape treatments. The photos show how effective the treatment is in different parts of the body.

InShape body shaping device

Body shaping is performed at the Elizabeth Beauty Clinic using the InShape device based on magnetotherapy. It is the most powerful device on the Czech and Slovak market, a novelty on the market that strengthens muscles and burns fat for you. It works on the basis of a high-power focused electromagnetic field, which leads to the reduction of subcutaneous and visceral fat while promoting muscle growth.

Price of magnetotherapy InShape

Strengthen muscles and burn fat at the same time

New 40% discount

Balíček Cena
InShape Package of 6 treatments / 1 area 19 900 CZK
InShape Package of 8 treatments / 1 area 25 000 CZK
Combination packages
Package Contains Price
Slim legs 6x InShape + 2x Exilis (hips or thighs) + 2x lymphatic drainage 29 900 CZK
Slim arms 5x Exilis liposuction of arms + 3x InShape 24 900 CZK
Pelvic floor + firm abdomen 6x InShape 20 900 CZK

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