Non-invasive liposuction

Removing cellulite and firming the skin

Unsightly fat lumps on your stomach, hips or thighs, orange skin – it’s nothing to brag about. That’s why we offer a non-invasive method of combined radiofrequency and ultrasonic liposuction that results in lipolysis and weight loss without surgery.

Do you want to get rid of your chin or love handles, do you desire liposuction of the abdomen or thighs, would you like to get smooth and tightened skin without dimples? Then read on or make a personal appointment at Elizabeth Beauty Clinic.

Non-invasive ultrasound and radiofrequency lipolysis

The combination of radiofrequency, which destroys fat cells while firming the skin, along with ultrasound, which deepens and strengthens the previous effects, allows for effective and, most importantly, permanent removal of fat pads.

We can thus treat and permanently rid you of postpartum tummy with sagging skin, love handles, larger hips, excess fat in the outer and inner thighs, as well as even a double chin. In addition to fat reduction, the treated area will also see a tightening of the skin. A great bonus of this lipolysis is also the elimination of cellulite, which plagues 90% of women.

Neinvazivní liposukce, lipolýza, liposukce bez operace

For which body areas is non-invasive liposuction suitable?

  • liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, calves and arms
  • liposuction of the chin, chin and neck
  • liposuction of the upper back
  • firming of the skin in the treated areas
  • we will get rid of cellulite

Our method of non-invasive liposuction at Elizabeth Beauty Clinic is suitable for almost all problem areas.

Cutting-edge modern technology

The BTL device we use is an internationally recognised and cutting-edge device that combines radiofrequency with ultrasound to address problem areas of the body while firming the skin. It won top honors at the prestigious US Aesthetic Summit in Las Vegas specifically for its great results and combined non-invasive technology.

3 effects in one – the effects of non-invasive painless liposuction

  • Fat removal: we will get rid of fat on your abdomen, thighs, back or chin
  • cellulite removal
  • firming the skin and increasing its elasticity

If you are looking for liposuction of the abdomen or thighs and would like to get smooth and tightened skin without dimples, please contact us.

BTL exilite - epilace, odstranění chloupků

How lipolysis / non-invasive liposuction works

The course of laser liposuction is comfortable for the patient and they feel warmth throughout.

As the therapist guides the head over the skin, the radiofrequency wave and ultrasound penetrate the skin at the same time, which is just felt as intense heat.

The treatment usually takes 40 minutes, is non-invasive and painless.

Afterwards, the patient leaves with a slight redness in the area, which disappears within a few hours, and immediately returns to normal activities.

For maximum effect of lipolysis we recommend 5-6 treatments after 14 days.


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Package Contains Price
PAINLESS LIPOSUCTION OF THE ABDOMEN 5× painless liposuction of the entire abdomen

18 375 CZK

Current price: 22.500 CZK

You save: 4 125 CZK

SLIM LEGS 6x painless InShape liposuction
2x painless liposuction Exilis (hips or thighs)
2x lymphatic drainage to enhance the effects
29 900 CZK

Other advantageous packages

combination of different methods such as Exilis, InShape and lymphatic drainage to achieve the most effective slimming of the desired areas

Package Contains Price
Cellulitis 5x liposuction Exilis outer thighs + 5x lymphatic drainage 19 990 CZK
Slim legs 6x InShape + 2x Exilis (hips or thighs) +2x lymphatic drainage 29 900 CZK
Slim arms 5x liposuction of arms Exilis + 3x InShape 24 900 CZK
Pelvic floor and firm abdomen 6x InShape 20 900 CZK

Price of liposuction Exilis – advantageous packages

5 Exilis treatments with an incredible seasonal discount

When you purchase a package, you will receive a free bodystat body measurement worth 500 CZK.

Type 1 treatment
5 treatments
Full abdomen 4 500 CZK 18 375 CZK
Back – love handles 4 500 CZK 18 375 CZK
Knees 4 500 CZK 18 375 CZK
Inner thighs 4 500 CZK 18 375 CZK
Outer thighs 4 500 CZK 18 375 CZK
Thighs and knees 6 500 CZK 24 900 CZK

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