Comprehensive weight loss programs

Body analysis, genetic tests, counselling, instrumental treatments for weight loss

Professional weight loss services along with addressing the cosmetic flaws associated with weight loss such as loose skin, stretch marks, etc. are part of the Elizabeth Beauty Clinic offer. Indeed, at our clinic, you can choose the right service for you with regard to whether you are addressing overall weight reduction, sculpting of certain body parts, cellulite or aesthetic imperfections associated with weight loss.

Weight loss programmes and counselling

Each patient is perceived individually, so we always create a tailor-made program. We do not provide one-size-fits-all weight loss solutions and if you need advice on the suitability of any treatment, our trained staff will be happy to help.

We offer only proven treatments, which we carry out using modern equipment whose practical effectiveness is based on clinical research. All of our treatments are non-invasive or minimally invasive, ensuring they are as tolerable and natural as possible for your body.

If you are unsure of where to start, feel free to arrange an initial consultation.

Programy hubnutí, redukce hmotnosti, výživové poradenství


    • weight loss after childbirth
    • body sculpting – local fat pouches that do not respond to diet or exercise
    • cellulite
    • loose skin on the body
    • stretch marks after weight loss
    • weight loss due to other causes and associated aesthetic imperfections

    Areas of application of therapies

      • chin
      • arms
      • upper torso – the area around the bra
      • hips
      • abdomen
      • outer and inner thighs
      • buttocks – cellulite
      • calves
      • knees

      At Elizabeth Beauty Clinic, we use cutting-edge products, technological innovations and top-of-the-line equipment, and we are happy to advise you on a comprehensive range of solutions for your fitness and body satisfaction.

      Non-invasive liposuction

      More info about non-invasive liposuction

      Painless liposuction is an effective method of weight loss using a  unique combination of non-invasive radiofrequency and ultrasound with a device that is the only one in the world that boasts this combination and has significant effects. The result is not only the removal of subcutaneous fat in the treated area, but also the elimination of cellulite and an overall increase in skin elasticity. Unlike surgical liposuction, the treatment is comfortable for the client and requires no recovery time. If you are unable to lose weight or are troubled by problem areas, this treatment is for you.

      More info about non-invasive liposuction non-invasive liposuction

      Injectable lipolysis

      Injectable lipolysis is a method in which a physician injects a phosphatidylcholine or deoxycholate-based solution into the fat tissue, which disrupts the fat cell membrane, causing the release of its contents and/or its direct destruction. The cell contents are then washed away through the lymphatic and blood vessels. This results in a reduction of the adipose tissue.

      After injection lipolysis, the split cells are gradually eliminated from the body over a period of approximately four weeks, after which the final results of the treatment are visible. To significantly reduce the circumference of the treated area, it is most often recommended to repeat the treatment 2 to 4 times between 6 and 8 weeks.

      More info about injectable lipolysis.

      Metabolism measurement and body analysis

      To accurately determine the condition of your body, we can use a measurement device that is used in both clinical trials and hospitals. This is the Bodystat device, which uses painless bioelectrical impedance pulses to measure the amount of fat, muscle mass and water in the body. These are indicators that are not only useful to know during weight loss, but can also be used to determine the resting basal metabolic rate (BMR). If you know the BMR, it is possible to adjust your diet for optimal calorie intake and thus correct the amount of fat stored in the body.

      Support your efforts in maintaining your fitness by accurately measuring your body condition. Using the modern technology available at our clinic, you will get accurate readings useful not only for weight loss but also for keeping your body in proper condition, which changes with age.


      Advice on weight loss

      Surely, like many others, you know that there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for weight loss. Everyone has certain individual predispositions based on their genetics that must be taken into account. Of course, it is always true that calorie intake must be lower than calorie output when losing weight, but this approach alone is not enough. Part of the weight loss process is the mental state that will determine whether or not the weight loss will be successful. Therefore, it is very important not to get upset if the results of the efforts do not come immediately. Moreover, the human body does not work like this on command and therefore the weight loss process requires patience and self-discipline. Just deciding to do something beneficial will keep us on track.

      Results in weight loss

      As already mentioned, the results do not come immediately, neither with instrumental weight loss, nor with weight loss by diet and exercise separately. By adjusting calorie intake and changing exercise, the process is just beginning. For this reason, it is not advisable, for example, to weigh oneself daily and watch the decagrams disappear, because such efforts do not help. Rather, it is better to concentrate on how the body gradually gets used to the new exercise programme, that it needs less food, that some cravings change, etc.

      If the results do not come even after persistent efforts, there is no need to panic. We may have a solution for that too. Sometimes professional help is needed to rule out certain internal diseases that prevent weight loss (e.g. reduced thyroid function, certain medications, etc.), and it is equally possible to find the cause in our own genes that determine what diet is best for us. The NutriGen test can help with this.


      Healthy diet for weight loss

      A crucial point in weight loss is to make sure that the energy intake of the diet is less than the energy expenditure. The body then compensates for this deficit by burning the stores that are stored in fat cells as a reservoir of energy. If, however, we follow a strict crash diet or reduce our energy intake too much below a certain limit, the body, on the other hand, starts to fight back and immediately stores even a small intake.

      Therefore, a healthy and varied diet that can provide a balanced intake of vitamins and macronutrients is very important for the proper functioning of the body. This will provide the body with a proper restoration of metabolism and flush out harmful substances, which helps detoxification. Incorporating a balanced diet into your diet is therefore extremely important, but it is still necessary to keep an eye on your overall energy intake in relation to your current workload.


      NutriGen™ Genetic Tests

      NutriGen™ represents a huge shift in the approach to weight loss over the past few years. It is completely unique in that gene analysis gives a whole new perspective on humans and their health. NutriGen is an analysis of an individual’s genes that provides scientific insight into the individual causes of overweight/obesity. More importantly, it is also a clear guide on how to lose weight really effectively. Anyone who is serious about losing weight should not hesitate.

      What is the result of the genetic test?

      1. Choosing the most effective diet – this tailored test reveals which type of diet has the potential to have the greatest effect (low-carbohydrate, low-calorie, etc.) and tells you why.
      2. Defines suitable foods – over 800 foods can be evaluated one by one and this test will directly tailor (or not) their suitability.
      3. Shows predisposition to food intolerances – this test, unlike others, can predict what foods your body will or will not tolerate in the future. This way you can take important measures in time!
      4. Defines a weight loss plan – again, based on individual genes, it will demonstrate what type of exercise has the best potential for your weight loss.
      5. Genetic risk for overweight, obesity or diabetes – again, no other test can so reliably determine how much risk an individual has for metabolic diseases.
      6. Ideal nutrient ratio – the exact ratio of nutrients that should make up your daily intake divided into carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
      7. Risks of vitamin and mineral deficiencies – this result does not mean that a particular deficiency exists in the body, but that there is a risk of such a deficiency based on gene analysis.

      How does the NutriGen test work?

      A trained staff member will first go through the collection process with you, you will sign an informed consent form and then proceed to swab cells from the mucous membranes of your cheek and tongue. This swab is absolutely painless and comfortable. The sample is then immediately sent to a European laboratory, which processes it and sends the results electronically over the next few weeks. You will then have a consultation with an expert lasting approximately 60 minutes.

      Removal of stretch marks

      Removing stretch marks is also associated with weight loss, although it may not seem so at first glance. Stretch marks appear when there are rapid and significant changes in volume or weight and the skin is unable to adapt as quickly. This lack of compensation leads to cracks in the skin that do not look aesthetically pleasing.

      Initially, stretch marks are red or pink, gradually fading over time until they are whitish in colour. At each stage, we then take a different approach to treatment. It is important to mention here that stretch marks behave like scar tissue, so they can never be removed completely. However, modern approaches can work wonders and improve the appearance almost to its original state. If you develop stretch marks, don’t despair, start addressing them early and take advantage of the modern, completely comfortable and painless methods of removing them in our salon. More info about   stretch mark removal options here.


      Cellulite and its treatment

      In cellulite, lymph circulation is impaired and water is retained in the intercellular space of fat cells. The fat cells react by increasing in volume and are pushed to the surface of the skin, forming unsightly dimples on the skin, resembling the texture of an orange peel. The fat cell is capable of increasing its volume by up to 200 times and the connective tissues, which in women are oriented vertically, stretch to different lengths, while the fat lobules are formed and fill irregularly. This accumulation of fat cells and their deposition causes a loss of firmness, softness and elasticity of the skin, and appears most often on the buttocks and thighs in the form of unsightly dimples and bumps. We call this condition cellulite.

      Up to 80% of women are affected by cellulite, while men are almost completely unaffected. This is due both to hormones and to the arrangement of connective fibres in adipose tissue, which, unlike in women, is reticular. In addition, women have thinner and more elastic skin in the affected areas.
      Hormonal contraceptives contain estrogen in relatively high amounts and are therefore not suitable for women who wish to avoid cellulite. Age and being overweight also have some influence on the appearance of cellulite, but it is not uncommon in young and slim women.


      Why do I have cellulite?

      The development of orange skin is usually caused by genetic predisposition, improper lifestyle in combination with overweight or obesity, lack of exercise, stress, insufficient drinking, smoking, long standing or sitting and hormonal changes.

      Grades of cellulite

      Cellulite is divided into four grades according to the degree of involvement:

      1. grade – cellulite is visible only when the skin is compressed (the so-called pinch test)
      2. grade – cellulite is mainly visible when sitting and disappears when standing
      3. grade – bumps on the skin are visible when standing or lying down, the bumps are deeper, the skin is cold and can be painful when squeezed
      4. grade – the skin is thickened, stiff and the bumps are pronounced in any position. In addition to visible bumps and dimples in the skin, ligament degeneration and pain are present.



      Prevention of cellulite

      The most effective prevention is a balanced lifestyle, sufficient fluid intake and frequent physical activity. Walking and swimming are especially recommended. Hardening of the skin and lymph circulation is also helped by sauna bathing.

      Cellulite removal

      The treatment of cellulite consists in an overall lifestyle modification, which should be permanent and essentially lifelong. In addition, there are also various cosmetic treatments that help maintain a healthy skin appearance.

      Machine lymphatic massage

      The basis is machine lymphatic drainage massage , where the same principle of pushing lymphatic fluid to the nodes as in manual lymphatic drainage, but here using a machine. This machine uses alternating pressure and pressure release on the area to stimulate the circulation of lymph.

       Machine lymphatic massage alone does not usually solve the problem of cellulite, but it is a very useful complement to other treatments. Due to its ability to flush toxins from the body, lymphatic drainage is recommended primarily as a prevention and treatment for cellulite. It is the lymphatic distension that will help significantly in the fight against cellulite. The fluid is expelled out and with it the products of metabolism and metabolism. The result of this process is an improvement in the quality and condition of the skin.

      • A balanced diet: the exception proves the rule, and so cellulite can sometimes be seen even in slim athletic women, but diet is the foundation for success. In addition to improving the condition of cellulite, a rational diet also helps to prevent civilisation diseases such as metabolic syndrome.
      • Drinking regime: Drink plenty of fluids, especially pure water. It is important for metabolism, circulation of blood and lymph in the body. Ideally, it is good to exclude alcohol.
      • Movement: The movement activities recommended for lymph circulation problems are aimed at improving muscle pumping and strengthening muscles.
      • Cosmetic products: Temporary improvement in cellulite condition can be seen after application of various cosmetic products such as cinnamon wraps, tonics and creams. While they may not remove the actual cause of orange skin, they will help to smoothen the skin and motivate further skin care. For better effect of gels and creams, it is recommended to exfoliate the skin regularly to remove dead cells from the surface and smoothen the skin slightly. The various sets also include massage brushes or devices to promote blood circulation to the skin and make massaging easier.
      • Dietary supplements for weight loss. These are dietary supplements that will help you in the challenging endeavour that weight loss undoubtedly is. Their formulations have been developed based on the latest research and nutritional trends of today’s modern and hectic times. In this way, a comprehensive effect on the body has been achieved, where they do not only block or break down stored fat, but also, for example, detoxify the body or help reduce other body deficiencies such as cellulite.

      You can purchase all the offered weight loss products at the reception of our clinic, where our helpful staff is at your disposal.

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